Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989 in China




——-we will never forget
words and music by:Phillip Morgan

A Song for the People of China

A song was heard in China
in the city of Beijing.
In the spring of 1989
you could hear the people sing.
And it was a song of freedom
that was rising in the square,
the world could feel the passion of
the people gathered there.
Oh children,blood is on the square.

For many nights and many days
waiting in the square.
“To build a better nation”
was the song that echoed there.
“For we are China’s children,
we love our native land,
for brotherhood and freedom
we are joining hand in hand.”
Oh children,blood is on the square.


Although our shoulders are still weak, although death for us is still seemingly too harsh to bear, we have to part with life, we have no choice, when history demands us to do so. Romantic fantacy of suffering can only be diapelled by suffering in reality. It is with spirit of death that we fight for life. It is with the desperation of saving this dispirited and selfish nation. We are offering ourselves – if we are not willing to die, who will?)

Then came the People’s army
with trucks and tanks and guns.
The government was frightened
of their daughters and sons.
But in the square was courage and
a vision true and fair,
the Army of the People would not harm
the young ones there.
Oh children,blood is on the square.

On June the 3rd in China,
in the spring of ’89,
an order came from high above
and passed on down the line.
The soldiers opened fire,
young people bled and died,
the blood of thousands on the square
that lies can never hide.
Oh children,blood is on the square.

For four more days of fury
the people faced the guns.
How many thousands slaughtered
when their grisly work was done?
they quickly burned the bodies
to hide their coward’s shame,
but blood is thick upon their hands and
darkness on their names.
Oh children,blood is on the square.

There are tears that flow in China
for her children that are gone.
There is fear and there is hiding,
for the killing still goes on.
And the iron hand of terror can
buy silence for today,
but the blood that lies upon the square
cannot be washed away.
Oh children,blood is on the square.
Oh children,blood is on the square.

Oh children,blood is on the square.

Tiananmen Massacre. The 1989 Student Democracy Movement, Beijing China.

Video: Tank man protester in Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 in China